Cabeza de Chorlito, a publisher created by Frédérique Bangerter and Alberto Garcia-Alix

Cabeza de Chorlito is an independent publishing house based in Madrid. Its main interest resides in photographic projects, along with those of artistic paintings and graphic arts. The fact of not having a closed editorial line allows Cabeza de Chorlito to offer the reader a wide variety of works, both  technically as well as at a content level.

´To be a plover head´: ´A Spanish saying referred to those who are dim-witted or are especially absent-minded´.

Plovers are those birds that we often see on beaches running around chasing crabs. They are small, long-legged and have a neck so thick that it is hard to tell where the neck ends and there the head starts. Plovers are thought to be dumb because they dig their nests on the beaches, without any kind of protection, and are so absent minded that have a hard time recognizing their own nests, with the result that they often hatch in other plover´s nests or feed some other plover´s brood.

How then has the plover- a bird that leaves its brood exposed to so many dangers-been able to survive? Very simple: because pragmatism isn´t always the right choice.

Similar to this bird, Plover Head Editions was born restless and absent-minded. Our erratic ways do not have, or wish, a clear direction.

We´re moving forward with the only intention of hatching eggs of creation, and breeding future plovers.