Maxwell Paternoster

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El libro de Maxwell Paternoster, editado por Cabeza de Chorlito, es una recopilación de sus cuadernillos de dibujo. Tigres canallas con tupé y patillas. Perros patinando sobre la cara de un muerto. Cadáveres del in erno. Tocadiscos con patas de Yeti. Ardillas en patinete. Carretillas rebosantes de estiércol, chiles y zumo de cerebro. Seres estrafalariamente extraños decapitándose con sierras mecánicas. Moteros salvajes que siempre escogen el camino más largo de vuelta a casa…
En su estudio, los cuadernos se apilan en las infinitas. Cada uno de ellos está a rebosar. Poco espacio queda para el blanco. Tal cuál lo ha querido mostrar Cabeza de Chorlito.

  • Autor: Maxwell Paternoster
  • Título: Maxwell Paternoster
  • Nº de páginas: 48
  • Formato: 210 x 297 mm.
  • Sin texto 52 planchas de dibujos
  • Encuadernación a caballete con 2 grapas
  • Imágenes ©Maxwell Paternoster
  • ISBN: 978-84-939682-4-3
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I was born in Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk England. I was raised in rural countryside riding in tractors as a child and surrounded by large bits of farm machinery that were juxtaposed against flat natural surroundings. Riding on tractors and driving cars and motorbikes as a child made me interested in the mechanical, technological aspect of the world. As well as being in the rural environment with gigantic rusting farm machines laying around here and there, I was exposed to the reality’s of where our meat comes from that we eat. Being taken to the pig rearing unit that Father ran I saw slurry, silage, vomit, excrement, guts, gore and more.
I was at Suffolk College in Ipswich studying art and design, and in between this I worked my first proper job at a chicken processing factory. The factory was more exposure to Guts and machinery all together in one huge building.
I also gained a ba hons in illustration at university of Westminster, where I studied illustration and animation. The main goal was to animate my work but I decided to focus on illustration, to build more of a portfolio.
I have always been a Motorcycle fan, and always into custom machines. I have started to combine my 2 favourite things, motorcycles and art, resulting in a good new outlet for my work.

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